Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gee Gee

Good Evening to you my fine fellows!

I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts this last week. I somewhat lost myself... Do you ever get that? You get lost in your own thoughts, it begins to consume you... I feel the fog lifting and I am now back!

So what have you been up to? Go on...tell all!!

I have been... horse riding, running, writing, reading, spending time with friends and spending money that I don't have!

Went out with friends on friday and this is what I wore. I never really know what to wear on nights out, I'm more of a jeans and trainers sort of girl. But here you find: Leather Jacket: New Look, Knitted short sleeve jumper: H&M, Sequined Skirt: Republic and Chelsea Boots: Missguided

My staple... I think I wear these too much.... I need new trainers

Quack - My pet duck

I love this waist coat! Charity shop find... I teamed it with all white! White t, white jeans and white (diiiiiirty) Converse.

Also!! Today I booked my flights to Barcelona!! I'm going to Primavera, so excited!! I love Barcelona! And look at the line up!

I also watched the latest twilight film last night (yes I know, I'm sooooo behind the times!) I was feeling a little blue...and I just needed to see Jacob with no top on...cheered me up a reet treat! I read all the twilight books when I had the flu a few years ago and instantly fell in love with them. I am a fan of a  love story... And it must be every girls dream to have a boy want to rescue Just me? I think Eclipse was my favorite book... it featured alot of Jacob! I love anything to do with fantasy, magic... new worlds, old worlds... Anways, I do ramble. I liked the film, it does what it says on the tin, no more no less!


I feel there is something missing now though, what can fill the twilight hole? I am just starting to read 'The Last Warewolf' Much more adult.... quite enjoying it!!

Anyways, its time to make the most of this lazy sunday evening.

S x

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