Monday, 9 April 2012

Still a child

Happy weekend of eating chocolate until you see double and drinking till you fall asleep :)

Hope you have all had a splendid long weekend with your family and friends. I have had a rather quiet one, went out Thursday night, watched films and read the rest of the time!

Here is a picture of my stooopid face:

I love caps, I want more caps in my life. This one is from Topshop yeeeeeears ago.

I dont quite pull it off, not like these guys:

and Ri Ri

In my lazy bank holiday weekend I have been doing quite alot of film watching. 


Brilliant! Really brilliant. I havent read the books and am now very tempted to. The story has so much to offer, and it really makes you think about society now. There is so much more to come too! I love that Katniss is so strong. Its nice for the heroine to be the one to kick some ass for a change. I cant wait for what is next! 


Disappointed. It was trying to jump on the band wagon of the twilight films and failing somewhat. I liked the idea of the story, it could have been taken somewhere really quite dark and interesting but instead it ended up being rather predictable...another film about two men being in love with one girl  too.. Not that I'm jealous or anything!!

May find myself something to watch today too.... 

S x


  1. I love the white H&M cape! I own that one and I loooove it! Gives the finishing touch to almost every outfit!