Thursday, 3 May 2012


I want to rave! Its been faaaar to long! I dont have enough music in my life right now.

Amsterdam had the best raves...the secret raves.

"Go to Westerpark, look for a guy in a red cap...follow will find the rave"

Share the music love people...tell me new/old stuff your into!

As you can see, my taste is rather eclectic. I just loves it!

S x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Out running in the rain, ground thumping underneath you, chest tight and the world around you in a blur. Your mind clears and ahhhh... there it is (whooooop there it is) A clear mind...

This is what I saw on my run home...not bad eh?

Anyways, its been a while, here a couple of picks of me a the a mug shot of me :s Had to get a new rail card for whilst I was in 'London G!'

Also gonna try doing a few videos for you guys too. I go to Barcelona may try a little video of my trip. Try putting my creative mind to use a little more!

Anyways, not so wordy today, catch of the flip bra!

Yeah our cows are friggin awesome...they sit! 

Love you lots like jelly tots

S x

Enjoy the noise:

Monday, 9 April 2012

Still a child

Happy weekend of eating chocolate until you see double and drinking till you fall asleep :)

Hope you have all had a splendid long weekend with your family and friends. I have had a rather quiet one, went out Thursday night, watched films and read the rest of the time!

Here is a picture of my stooopid face:

I love caps, I want more caps in my life. This one is from Topshop yeeeeeears ago.

I dont quite pull it off, not like these guys:

and Ri Ri

In my lazy bank holiday weekend I have been doing quite alot of film watching. 


Brilliant! Really brilliant. I havent read the books and am now very tempted to. The story has so much to offer, and it really makes you think about society now. There is so much more to come too! I love that Katniss is so strong. Its nice for the heroine to be the one to kick some ass for a change. I cant wait for what is next! 


Disappointed. It was trying to jump on the band wagon of the twilight films and failing somewhat. I liked the idea of the story, it could have been taken somewhere really quite dark and interesting but instead it ended up being rather predictable...another film about two men being in love with one girl  too.. Not that I'm jealous or anything!!

May find myself something to watch today too.... 

S x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Cat is trying to kill me...

I need stuff...this stuff will make me prettier, slimmer and more popular.... If only!! Haha

Really want a new sprint wardrobe though...

I need this hat!

I am no where near cool enough to skate....but if I were I would love a board to just cruise down teh street on

All from we <3 it... the site I lose hours of my life to!! 


And if you ever step on my patch...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gee Gee

Good Evening to you my fine fellows!

I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts this last week. I somewhat lost myself... Do you ever get that? You get lost in your own thoughts, it begins to consume you... I feel the fog lifting and I am now back!

So what have you been up to? Go on...tell all!!

I have been... horse riding, running, writing, reading, spending time with friends and spending money that I don't have!

Went out with friends on friday and this is what I wore. I never really know what to wear on nights out, I'm more of a jeans and trainers sort of girl. But here you find: Leather Jacket: New Look, Knitted short sleeve jumper: H&M, Sequined Skirt: Republic and Chelsea Boots: Missguided

My staple... I think I wear these too much.... I need new trainers

Quack - My pet duck

I love this waist coat! Charity shop find... I teamed it with all white! White t, white jeans and white (diiiiiirty) Converse.

Also!! Today I booked my flights to Barcelona!! I'm going to Primavera, so excited!! I love Barcelona! And look at the line up!

I also watched the latest twilight film last night (yes I know, I'm sooooo behind the times!) I was feeling a little blue...and I just needed to see Jacob with no top on...cheered me up a reet treat! I read all the twilight books when I had the flu a few years ago and instantly fell in love with them. I am a fan of a  love story... And it must be every girls dream to have a boy want to rescue Just me? I think Eclipse was my favorite book... it featured alot of Jacob! I love anything to do with fantasy, magic... new worlds, old worlds... Anways, I do ramble. I liked the film, it does what it says on the tin, no more no less!


I feel there is something missing now though, what can fill the twilight hole? I am just starting to read 'The Last Warewolf' Much more adult.... quite enjoying it!!

Anyways, its time to make the most of this lazy sunday evening.

S x