Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Stuck in my head

Today I am stuck in my head... it goes a little something like this....

That is all

S x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mama knows best

Suuuuun Shiiiiiiiine!!

Last night went out for dinner with one of the besties, we ate too much, drank the mucho the vino and chatted until we were the last people in the restaurant, fantastico! And walking back through the city at midnight reasonably sober was a real eye opener. There was many a girl wearing far too little, with a fag hanging out the side of her mouth shouting profanities and shuffling along in heals she couldn't walk in. Britain can be really beautiful at times!

On that not, I do need to make plans! I need to get some travelling done! Last year all I did was go to Tunisia! I need a few more city breaks under my belt.... Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Krakow, Edinburgh... hmm where else shall I go? I want to go everywhere!!

Where do your dreams take you?

And today I looked a puuurty things :)

What I wore.... proved a little much for the tempertaire...sweeeeeeaty! 
Hat: H&M, Jumper: H&M, Shots: Topshop, Tights: Primark, Boots: Faith

I would like a dip dyed top please! Spanks! Dip Dip!! This one is Zara.

Hahahahahahahahhaha I tried to 'pose' I look like a prize prat! My new skirt!! Beautiful floaty floaty floral from Zara

I would like a dress with a back like this too please! Or any other cut outs.


Also ventured into a charity shop today (I'm not a charity shop shopper at all... something just caught my eye...) Walked out with 1 velvet shirt, one mint green shirt, one silk waist coat, one hippy top and one funky patterned silk shirt for £14!!!!! Bloody bargin! Maybe I should try them more often! 

And in future news... tomorrow I run the Sport Relief Mile... I know, its only a mile buts we all gots to start somewhere love! Will be running marathons in no time! Wish me luck!

Happy weekend to you all! 

S x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Yo Mama

Tis nearly the weekend my fellow traveller! Where shall these days of freedom take us?! I have realised that socially I have not ventured further than a local pub in almost three weeks!! I don't know what I'm doing with my life! I do admit that the quiet and slow pace of life out here in the sticks can sometimes draw you in... but seriously, I aint old yet! Tis pay day on the morrow and I shall exploit theis with booze and shopping! Ahh lifes naughty things!


My new boat shoes (asos) where is my yacht?! I'm sure I left it in here somewhere....

And now for a little bit of lovely stuffs!

Need this outfit...need mint green stuffs!

Just take a deep breath...

Brilliant tat and tee... I already have the album, may as well get the t-shirt!

Leather leather! 

Puuurty boys

Going somewhere?

Lay in the long grass on a summer evening :)

Neeeeeed this outfit!

Hope you all have a fandabby Friday! Speaks to you on the flips! 

S x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

That's a Moo point...the point is Moo

Its the first day of spring!! Or summer...whichever, we are escaping the darkness! Saying that my favorite month is November, I do love the cold... but my skin is in some serious need of vitamin D!

May I apologise again for the following post. I have tried, rather miserably to do an outfit post.

Things I must learn:

1. Do not take photos with i-phone
2. Find someone to take photos/stop being lazy and use a tripod
3. Make more of an effort with said outfit...

I do love fashion, but sometimes in the hum drum of getting dressed for work at 6.30am for work I do falter slightly. In saying that, I do love this shirt, it always makes me feel much happier, and this jacket has seen we through the past few chilly months!

Jacket: H&M, Shirt: Next, Shoes: Zara, Watch: Casio, Bracelet: Asos, Necklace: Nichols & Co, Grumpy Face: 6.30am

One final thought....


Feeling Nostalgic.... Smile everyone!!

S x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

First part of my secret project complete... keep posted to find out more!!

Today I have finished the book that I have been obsessivly, additively alomost, reading all weekend. Do you find that? When you start getting into a book it just completely overtakes your life?

"Hey, you coming out?" "Year sure...just one more chapter" And before you know it its pitch black, your perched chasing the pit of light from a street lamp and your home alone.... or is that just me?!

Anyways, I have been reading:

Now I am not going to fool you into thinking that I am at all well read or educated, and therefore my opinion is just that...mine, but isn't that the joy of a blog? You get to voice your opinion, it may not be well informed and of littler interest to anyone, but by posting it, it is true. 

So to the book:

Seemingly your usual chick lit easy read I approach the book with gusto, waiting for the usual over weight heroine with an addiction to biscuits and a hatred of her job, but with a jolly good sense of humor to be swept off her feet by the devilishly handsome, sensitive and romantic stranger whom would change her life forever. Well...some of this is true. Our heroine is given little description physically so it is left to the imagination to place a figure you find appropriate, and the devilishly handsome stranger is just that, but he doesn't tick all the boxes..which is quite refreshing... but he is sensitive and caring and completely besotted with our lady. But this relationship is not what takes center stage... it is a relationship with another, a person she has long forgot about that really steals the show. I found this to be a very clever and eye opening read. The story carried your along nicely and made me look at my own life slightly differently. It did make me almost cry whilst I was sat in a reading in a cafe. Grab it and snuggle up on the sofa! 

And back to me...  haha. I am booked in to get my hair dyed on Sat and not sure what I want yet... something different I think. I have been gathering inspiration:

Much lighter than mine now


Could keep it dark all over...?

Or lighten?

Or slightly lighter bits?

Or redder?

Oh I dont know!!

All from either fuck yeah-hair tumblr or we heart hair tumblr

Today I have been listening to:

Love S x

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Happy Mothers Day!

Mmm Lazy Sundays. All I have done today is read and go out for a walk. Fantastic!

I am going on a secret mission tomorrow... I can hopefully reveal all upon my return! Or at least I will show you a few picturials!

Here are a few snaps from today:

This is my usual Sunday attire. Warm and casual. Red Wool Jumper: Primark, Grey Joggers: Zara, Green Jacket: Urban Outfitter (Missing three out of four buttons... :s) 

I found this chap whilst walking... I named him Slime Man Jones

And here is a treat for your Sunday ears:

S x

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Very succesfully had a day of doing sweet FA today...bliss. Now terribly tired, being lazy really does take it out of you!

Anyways. I thought I would share a little clothes love with you! I am a designer, and therefore, I do not, and probably will not ever own a pants suit. I wear jeans, hoodies and trainers to ya!

Dress down friday sir?

Jeans: Topshop, T Shirt: Asos, Belt: H&M Mens, Silver Necklace: Asos, Watch: Casio, Hair: My head, Messy Bedroom: My life, Weird Peace sign: One weird second of thinking I was cool.... I lied.

I shall try and take some more blured, out of focus and poor quality photographs for you!

Anyways, whatcha all been up to? I've been thinking of goin the cinema soon... any recommendations?  I'm thinking Bel Ami? Though not heard the best reviews for that... and I do love a period drama! I'm also a sucker for a romantic soppy film and saw this trailer the other day. Zac Efron...yes please! Bad taste in movies is one of my many vices!

I want to be kissed everyday...every hour...every minute!

And onto something a little more interlectual...ah hem. Read this the other day and it really inspired me. It opened my eyes a little bit more to who I am. Why I am the way I am.... If you ever feel strange, or shy or a loner I would recommend giving this a read.

Happy weekend everyone.

S x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

False Start

I promise to you that once I am happy, I will spread that happiness, because I really do love you all...and I would like, if I can, be spread that feeling amongst you...but for now I am glum.

Now I am ...


I smile, I carry on each morning, but every morning I wake up and and I have no one to share it all with. I have had some many wonderful things happen to me, I see so many things which inspire me, but I look next to me with excitement to be reminded once more that there is no one there.

I do not know where to find you. You are not where I work, you are not where I live, you are most definitely at the bottom of that bottle of whisky. One thing I do know is that you wont be there when I am looking. And so I carry on, I do what I can to make myself happy, to enjoy my life and follow my own interest, but take this as a open invitation... please come and find me soon. Soon before I get lots of cats!!

I have just got a rescue guinea-pig...thats the first step! Though it does delay the whole cat process as they may eat her!

Soren Lorenson... I small lost sole too.

A quick one of me... I went to a 'Back to School' party at the weekend... had one too many shandies and declared my love to a boy who was engaged... deary me, what a nightmare I am! 

I am the gothic geek on the right.

Almost the weekend!! This weekend I intend to read, to run, to swim, to walk in the hills and hopefully go and take some photographs. 

I hope you all have wonderful plans!

Love S x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Feb who...?

One month in and I've already gone silent... how terribly rude of me! Many apologies!

January kicked off with a great start! But alas... life, as it does, has not gone as one would hoped and yet again, I find myself waiting... But in my waiting period i have tried to fill my time with good things! Here are a few of them:

Mmmm Tapas party (maybe with one to many shots included :s)

"Take me to the river!"

Got my hurr did - bored with it already, what next?!

I got lost in some woods

Did a naughty bit of shopping in H&M

I went to see the sea!
Now let us March on (get it?!) and explore, be brave, be honest, be kind and live to the fullest!