Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Out running in the rain, ground thumping underneath you, chest tight and the world around you in a blur. Your mind clears and ahhhh... there it is (whooooop there it is) A clear mind...

This is what I saw on my run home...not bad eh?

Anyways, its been a while, here a couple of picks of me a the a mug shot of me :s Had to get a new rail card for whilst I was in 'London G!'

Also gonna try doing a few videos for you guys too. I go to Barcelona may try a little video of my trip. Try putting my creative mind to use a little more!

Anyways, not so wordy today, catch of the flip bra!

Yeah our cows are friggin awesome...they sit! 

Love you lots like jelly tots

S x

Enjoy the noise:

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