Sunday, 8 January 2012

STOP! Flip and reverse

Oi scruff! Go sort yourself out, look at you with your crotch down by your knees and and converse that should have been chucked away years ago!! Loves it.

Top H&M, Trousers Topshop and Shoes Converse. 

Ever have those days where you just stop. You stop thinking about all your worries, accept that things maybe aren't going how you would have hoped....then just as your about to step away everything starts to change?

Today I had had enough stress and worry and just grabbed headphones, chucked on a wooly hat and walked. I walked for hours. It was pretty cold and windy but I just kept walking. As I walked I began to feel lighter. Whatever was pressing down on me for days was slowly floating away. I began my walk with my head down, looking at my feet as they dug deep into the moody pathways I crossed but as this feeling lifted, as did my head. I began to look up and around and noticed the beautiful pink sky as the sun was beginning to set and the vivid green of the fields surrounding me and I just breathed in... deep and long.

On my return home I found a busy cosy house filled with family, several messages on my phone from friends and an email from a friend I thought had forgotten about me. And then it just kind of hit me like a sudden shiver... 2012 is going to be a good one, I just knows it!

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