Tuesday, 31 January 2012

You started to believe

All was beginning to look far to rosy for me.

Possibly the the most exciting job, living in the most exciting city was just within reach, a beautiful boy wanted to spend time with me and all of a sudden I felt like I was surrounded by friends. But how quickly the rug can be pulled from under our feet! The job...which was almost mine was handed on to someone else just as the last minute. The boy, took me out and made promises to do such again but has been somewhat silent since... and the friends, well luckily they are still there.

But through this little stumble I think I can find some positives. Now I know I shall be sticking around here a while longer I can get involved in some of the activities I have wished too. Such as signing up for the Three Peaks Challenge. Signing up for a 5k run and seeing more of my friends. For me to get as far as I did with the job application I think shows promise... I am good enough for these exciting jobs, there just often seems to be that one person better, but surely one day that person will be me?

I must continue to make positive steps and enjoy everything that I have right now.

Heres to the freakin weekend

To want

To still love

To be wise

To be beautiful

To have nice things

To taking chances

To believing 

To doing

To dreaming

To hoping

To being different 

All we <3 it

How long can you keep believing?

I hope that you are feeling well, I miss you S x

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