Monday, 16 January 2012

What do the stars say...?

Do you believe in astrology? I'm not sure whether I do... when reading descriptions of a Virgo, I am very much one! And I do find myself taking comfort in reading my star signs. I did this at the weekend, it would appear that I have a very positive year ahead of me, in love and money. And I am determined for this to be the case! I am making a conscious effort to talk more this year, may sound weird, and its not that I'm shy... I think its more laziness... In large groups of people I will often sit back and just observe rather than competing trying to have an input, but that is doing me no favors! I am also MAKING things happen. No more waiting!

Maybe for someone special...
We <3 it

I had some things on my mind, so a brisk walk with the hound soon cleared my head.

S x

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