Thursday, 22 March 2012

Yo Mama

Tis nearly the weekend my fellow traveller! Where shall these days of freedom take us?! I have realised that socially I have not ventured further than a local pub in almost three weeks!! I don't know what I'm doing with my life! I do admit that the quiet and slow pace of life out here in the sticks can sometimes draw you in... but seriously, I aint old yet! Tis pay day on the morrow and I shall exploit theis with booze and shopping! Ahh lifes naughty things!


My new boat shoes (asos) where is my yacht?! I'm sure I left it in here somewhere....

And now for a little bit of lovely stuffs!

Need this outfit...need mint green stuffs!

Just take a deep breath...

Brilliant tat and tee... I already have the album, may as well get the t-shirt!

Leather leather! 

Puuurty boys

Going somewhere?

Lay in the long grass on a summer evening :)

Neeeeeed this outfit!

Hope you all have a fandabby Friday! Speaks to you on the flips! 

S x

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