Thursday, 15 March 2012

False Start

I promise to you that once I am happy, I will spread that happiness, because I really do love you all...and I would like, if I can, be spread that feeling amongst you...but for now I am glum.

Now I am ...


I smile, I carry on each morning, but every morning I wake up and and I have no one to share it all with. I have had some many wonderful things happen to me, I see so many things which inspire me, but I look next to me with excitement to be reminded once more that there is no one there.

I do not know where to find you. You are not where I work, you are not where I live, you are most definitely at the bottom of that bottle of whisky. One thing I do know is that you wont be there when I am looking. And so I carry on, I do what I can to make myself happy, to enjoy my life and follow my own interest, but take this as a open invitation... please come and find me soon. Soon before I get lots of cats!!

I have just got a rescue guinea-pig...thats the first step! Though it does delay the whole cat process as they may eat her!

Soren Lorenson... I small lost sole too.

A quick one of me... I went to a 'Back to School' party at the weekend... had one too many shandies and declared my love to a boy who was engaged... deary me, what a nightmare I am! 

I am the gothic geek on the right.

Almost the weekend!! This weekend I intend to read, to run, to swim, to walk in the hills and hopefully go and take some photographs. 

I hope you all have wonderful plans!

Love S x

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