Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mama knows best

Suuuuun Shiiiiiiiine!!

Last night went out for dinner with one of the besties, we ate too much, drank the mucho the vino and chatted until we were the last people in the restaurant, fantastico! And walking back through the city at midnight reasonably sober was a real eye opener. There was many a girl wearing far too little, with a fag hanging out the side of her mouth shouting profanities and shuffling along in heals she couldn't walk in. Britain can be really beautiful at times!

On that not, I do need to make plans! I need to get some travelling done! Last year all I did was go to Tunisia! I need a few more city breaks under my belt.... Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Krakow, Edinburgh... hmm where else shall I go? I want to go everywhere!!

Where do your dreams take you?

And today I looked a puuurty things :)

What I wore.... proved a little much for the tempertaire...sweeeeeeaty! 
Hat: H&M, Jumper: H&M, Shots: Topshop, Tights: Primark, Boots: Faith

I would like a dip dyed top please! Spanks! Dip Dip!! This one is Zara.

Hahahahahahahahhaha I tried to 'pose' I look like a prize prat! My new skirt!! Beautiful floaty floaty floral from Zara

I would like a dress with a back like this too please! Or any other cut outs.


Also ventured into a charity shop today (I'm not a charity shop shopper at all... something just caught my eye...) Walked out with 1 velvet shirt, one mint green shirt, one silk waist coat, one hippy top and one funky patterned silk shirt for £14!!!!! Bloody bargin! Maybe I should try them more often! 

And in future news... tomorrow I run the Sport Relief Mile... I know, its only a mile buts we all gots to start somewhere love! Will be running marathons in no time! Wish me luck!

Happy weekend to you all! 

S x

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