Monday, 19 March 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

First part of my secret project complete... keep posted to find out more!!

Today I have finished the book that I have been obsessivly, additively alomost, reading all weekend. Do you find that? When you start getting into a book it just completely overtakes your life?

"Hey, you coming out?" "Year sure...just one more chapter" And before you know it its pitch black, your perched chasing the pit of light from a street lamp and your home alone.... or is that just me?!

Anyways, I have been reading:

Now I am not going to fool you into thinking that I am at all well read or educated, and therefore my opinion is just that...mine, but isn't that the joy of a blog? You get to voice your opinion, it may not be well informed and of littler interest to anyone, but by posting it, it is true. 

So to the book:

Seemingly your usual chick lit easy read I approach the book with gusto, waiting for the usual over weight heroine with an addiction to biscuits and a hatred of her job, but with a jolly good sense of humor to be swept off her feet by the devilishly handsome, sensitive and romantic stranger whom would change her life forever. Well...some of this is true. Our heroine is given little description physically so it is left to the imagination to place a figure you find appropriate, and the devilishly handsome stranger is just that, but he doesn't tick all the boxes..which is quite refreshing... but he is sensitive and caring and completely besotted with our lady. But this relationship is not what takes center stage... it is a relationship with another, a person she has long forgot about that really steals the show. I found this to be a very clever and eye opening read. The story carried your along nicely and made me look at my own life slightly differently. It did make me almost cry whilst I was sat in a reading in a cafe. Grab it and snuggle up on the sofa! 

And back to me...  haha. I am booked in to get my hair dyed on Sat and not sure what I want yet... something different I think. I have been gathering inspiration:

Much lighter than mine now


Could keep it dark all over...?

Or lighten?

Or slightly lighter bits?

Or redder?

Oh I dont know!!

All from either fuck yeah-hair tumblr or we heart hair tumblr

Today I have been listening to:

Love S x

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  1. wooow!!! love your blog dear!
    keep posting and go for it